I Will Always Love You
By Dolly Parton

This page is dedicated to the memory of a son and a beloved mate.
David Lee Dade-August 12, 1964 to Novenber 15, 2006. Forever shall his memory remain.

The following are writings by Sammie and are copywrited and reserved.
With her permission are they placed on these pages.

In the gutter

Someone, tossed my heart away,
though not meaning, feels that way,
though i know, he couldnt stay,
my heart still in the gutter lay.

So awesome is the power of love,
we fit together, like hand in glove,
he was a gift, from heaven above,
a love, I once, only dreamed of.

Forever, is what we knew, we'd found,
pledged eternally, to be bound,
planted our feet on solid ground,
but time, for us, could not be found.

Though I stayed, right by his side,
tears seeping, I couldn't hide,
forever, he promised, but he lied,
in my arms, that day, he died.

So now, his rings, my hand adorn,
love, for all time, have I forsworn,
my soul, my life, ripped and torn,
for him, forever, will I mourn.

Life goes on, so they say,
there will come a brighter day,
but inside its dark and gray,
my heart in the gutter wasting away.
By Lady Desdinova
2007 Lady Desdinova (All rights reserved)

Floating By

Solemnly watch clouds float by,
white, gray, framed, by blue sky,
horses, dragons, butterflies,
softly, puffy, do imply,
still their pleasantry deny,
but one thing, in my minds eye,
its not you, that I'm seeing,
by myself, alone I lie,

There is beauty still to find,
its all in a state of mind,
darkest clouds, are silver lined,
but for now, I'm beauty blind,
thoughts of you, complete, entwined,
you, my love, I've now enshrined,
you, are all my heart can see,
everything, of you, remind.

Now, my soul, for you, does bleed,
I, am still so full, of need,
someday, will this pain recede,
from this sorrow, i'll be freed,
happy thought, with you, as seed,
will release, the pain, indeed,
no more sadness, will i find,
pain will fade, to joy, concede.

2007 Lady Desdinova (All rights reserved)

Yellow Roses

I always admired the days of old cowboys,
out on their horses, riding the range,
colorful characters conquering the west
oh! how the times they do change.

I've always loved to hear tales of the old west,
to listen to yarns, songs and lore,
to tell of the old days and old traditions,
theres nothing i would like more.

Back then, was a way to tell someone something,
something you just couldnt say,
so ill share with you, what he told me,
as I write this little poem today.

He said in the old days flowers had meanings,
meaning divulged by the color or type,
saying I love you or even im sorry,
to make amends, when you were contrite.

So here my love are the bouquets im giving,
though you are gone, things, I cant seem to say,
I can't let you go, i will love you forever,
so ill say it, in the old cowboy way.

Forever inside theres a place thats all yours
in my heart you will be till i die
mi amore, my vaquero, this is for you
yellow roses mean saying goodbye

By Lady Desdinova
2007 Lady Desdinova (All rights reserved)


what is darkness,
is it the soul that was full of light,
which now has been extinguished,
is it the soul that never knew light,
therefore understands not, that it is dark,
can one be darkness and light, in equal,
one eclipsing the other, revolving,
are we not, all, varying shades of gray,
churning the two forces, within,
is not sorrow dark and joy lightness,
hope white and black despair,
dimmer shades, mists, fogs, instilled
overcome by power willed
until at last we all are stilled

By Lady Desdinova
2007 Lady Desdinova (All rights reserved)


there are songs that speak to me
and tell me tales of him
this is a ramble made from those lyrics

Call me Desdinova, eternal light
Once long ago,
a word from your lips
and the world turned around
But somehow you've changed,
you're so far away
I long for the past
and dream of the days
with you,

Bring me back to life,
now that i know what i'm without
you cant just leave me
I was there when your heart stopped beating,
I was there when your last breath was taken away.
So close no matter how far
Couldn't be much more from the heart
Forever trust in who we are
and nothing else matters.

Hush now, don't you cry,
wipe away the teardrop
from your eye.
you're lying safe in bed,
it was all a bad dream
spinning in your head.
your mind tricked you
to feel the pain,
of someone close to you
leaving the game (of life).
so here it is, another chance,
wide awake you face the day.
the dream is over, or has it just begun....?
By Lady Desdinova
2007 Lady Desdinova (All rights reserved)


really gone,
he's really gone,
he was so real to me,
now slowly vanishing,
into the land of memory
was it ever real, or just a figment,
how can something so real, just cease to be,
vanishing behind the veil beneath reality,
do illusions, touch you, kiss you,
can a heart and soul be bound,
even in the great beyond,
do you really think they,
will be waiting for us,
when it is our turn,
bridging the veil,
between here,
and there,

By Lady Desdinova
2007 Lady Desdinova (All rights reserved)


Time spent with you was time stopped,
each moment, frozen in my memory,
shy smiles, held in suspended animation,
sensuous touch, preserved in neural longing,
recalled hair grasps, opening wounds,
memorializing, soulful kisses, that used to follow,
words said, echoing in empty halls, where now only ghosts tread,
hours spent, no purpose has replaced, inconsolable aching loneliness,
spirit, indelibly merged with mine, inseparable,
intellect, endlessly searching, for its spark,
heart cadence, calling for, its reason to beat,
clammy nervous hands, holding mine, at the genesis,
possessive grasping, in weeping, fearful knowingness,
the tenderest thumb, stroking descending tears,
forever conjoined, in soul, yet no longer tangible,
time forever ceased, in my essence,
and yet, time marches on.

By Lady Desdinova
2007 Lady Desdinova (All rights reserved)

When changing seasons make no sense

Springtime, when new things are born, in nature,
foals frolicking, in fields and meadows,
flowers bursting forth, in color and scent,
tiny birds, with their parents fetching to and fro.

Summer, when everything is warm and alive,
water pours forth from the melting snows, of winter and spring,
crops grow and flourish, with the warmth after their spring germination,
bodies emerge from their thick winter coverings and gather the sun.

Fall, when we harvest what we have planted and sewn,
when all life stores away enough, to last through the winter,
the leaves change hues and then fall to the ground,
condensing through this season, for the barren of winter.

Winter when life, nature, slumbers, cocooned against the cold,
reflecting the barrenness, huddled in oversized sweashirts,
sitting in front of flames, to stare at, to warm us, dancing fire,
time to reflect on what has passed, the time of limbo, inertia.

But what if, it is winter in our soul, what if, we are not ready for spring,
what if the barren winter colds, are more comforting, more in tune,
with how we feel, where it will be forever winter, forever inert,
spring, just a facade, when changing seasons make no sense.

By Lady Desdinova
2007 Lady Desdinova (All rights reserved)

A collections of writings from the heart of Samantha Lucia Eastty-Dade
for her Beloved David Lee Dade. Gone, but not forgotten. Ever in this lifetime and one day more.

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