I've Seen Fire and I've Seen Rain
By James Taylor
When David Was Younger He Loved This Song

The B's of life

I babel on, words spewing forth,
laying my heart bare, to anyone,
who cares to look,

Remove your blindfold,
and see the beast that rages within,
giving me no rest,

I have bled my soul,
into the words I connect together,
easing the buildup of sorrow.

Leaking it,into these compilations,
made of tears.

Love will eternally bind me,
though he, has passed away.

I bore the pain,
in the only way i knew how.

Some think I am brilliant,
oozing my spirits desimation,
into pages of poems, pictures,
songs and drawings.

But this is just the business,
of dealing with the depth of grief,
as I am building my future,
without its cornerstone.
2007 Lady Desdinova (All rights reserved)

The dawn draws near

The dawn draws near, moonglow fades .

candles burn to the quick, as flickering flames extinguish.

sounds of hastened breath, replaced by birdsong,

the rustling of sheets transform into,

winds wafting through leaves on trees,

light gently fills spaces in darkness where we lay

the warmth of your skin, the weight, where your arm drapes

the kisses that linger, and the tingling trails of the places,

your fingertips journeyed in the dark

return to the slumberous rescesses

whence they came

as the sun slowly rises.

2007 Lady Desdinova (All rights reserved)

Why do I write

what is a poem
it is my mind,
my soul,
though my hand,
all i feel inside,
all my dreams,
my beliefs,
my fears,
my tears,
like flower petals,
a butterfly,
a way to open my heart,
and lay it bare,
for all to see,
or not to see,
2007 Lady Desdinova (All rights reserved)

Believing in dreams

Too many romances gathering cobwebs,
too many fairy tales up on the shelf,
too many promises that have been broken,
I stopped believing, in dreams, myself.

All I ever wanted, was someone to love me,
someone with a depth and a heart that beat true,
but id given up, on wishing and rainbows,
till I found all I wanted, encompassed, in you.

The pounding of my heart whenever I heard,
the sound of your voice, on the phone, in my ear,
the excitement, aliveness, that ever I felt,
everytime, anticipating, you were anywhere near.

The dreams of a cabin in Kalispell, Montana,
the thought of forever, with you by my side,
the syncronistic connection we treasured and cherished,
no feeling or dream did we ever need hide.
Honesty, values and the character within you,
were all that I'd ever hoped to embrace,
someone who wanted and really did love me,
evidenced by the look in your eyes, on your face.

The way you were always reaching to touch me,
the way I'd awake with you watching me sleep,
the way that you missed me if we werent together,
knowing we'd found something rare, we need keep.

A tall man, a mans man and yet you were gentle,
like kissing small kitties and saving a dove.
you grew plants, and read books and taught yourself latin,
and I was so happy, content in our love.

Theres no way to tell you how much you were treasured,
needed, longed for, life suddenly new,
I couldnt believe everything that I wanted,
the potential that reigned, in a lifetime with you.

If only the stories always had happy endings,
not unfulfilled dreams and hopes turned to dust,
if only, love, was the worlds panacea,
not subject to the winds of fate, so unjust.

Believing in dreams, is such sad consolation,
when youve had them and even had them come true,
the laughter, the smiles, the feelings so tender,
hand holding, enfolding into one life, from two.

Destiny, fate, is a callous life master,
with no care for dreams or hope or the heart,
what is the number of life, the book asks me,
42, your age, when cancer tore us apart.

So now, in the misty fogs of my memory,
in each anguished wail and each tear i have cried.
I believed in dreams once, and though, now its ended.
you were my dream. that came true, though you died.

2007 Lady Desdinova (All rights reserved)


Ah the memories
I hold inside,
how did we dare,
to touch,
to want,
I would have,
given anything,
to retain,
your caress,
of my mind,
of my body,
but now
i must wait
my kindred spirit,
my twin-soul,
i can join,
in eternity.
2007 Lady Desdinova (All rights reserved)

'Lo! Death has reared himself a throne'

'Lo! Death has reared himself a throne'
Made from my heart, now turned to stone.
To me, fate, will ne'er atone.
I'm all alone, I'm all alone.

For my true love, it stole away.
Turned days of sun, to days of gray.
It left my life in disarray.
filled with dismay, filled with dismay.

ah in love, my soul was singing.
Happiness to me kept bringing.
Rings on my hands, which now are wringing.
love still clinging, love still clinging.

One true love, that finally came.
Eternal love, erased the pain.
Now memories all that remain.
never again, never again.
2007 Lady Desdinova (All rights reserved)

A love fills my heart

A love destined to be
consumes, what i call me.
In faded memories of spring,
love, a treasured remembered thing.

A love which fills my heart, and he,
the one who gave his love to me.
Will forever in my soul reside,
i wear his rings, all 3 with pride.

All i could ever want, and more,
with him i found, and held such store.
And ever did I plan to see,
his loving face awake with me.

My love is now a swirling mist,
forever recalled in a heartfelt kiss.
under a moonlit sky above,
forever he'will be my great love.

Though the trials of cancer came to take,
our love, we, I , will ne're forsake
Though fate it seems, twas destiny,
a love meant to be, but not to be.
2007 Lady Desdinova (All rights reserved)

Stolen Moments


We both have had our share of rain,
days that passed full of pain.
We thought to never love again,
nevermore to endure love feign.

Then we met on an april day,
true love found in a soul mate way.
Stolen moments of bliss waylaid,
forever together like this we prayed.

Those stolen moments became a week,
a month and then, though neither meek.
We pledged eternity to keep,
no other love ever need we seek.

Stolen feelings deepened soon,
but by the fall they turned to gloom.
Though I to be a bride, you groom,
we were not to reap the boon.

Stolen moments oh so wry,
heart beats merging with a sigh.
Forever I will wonder why,
at 42 you had to die.
2007 Lady Desdinova (All rights reserved)

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