One Day

One day Past Forever
Just stay with us that long
And comfort and protect us
As we listen to your song

You know that we love you
and will always be true
We'll walk the path together
So please now don't be blue

There are many tomorrow's left
Many more words to say
No more lonely Lobowolf
will walk alone this day

There are many roads left to travel
As we go from dark to light
hand in hand we'll walk as one
No lone wolf will howl tonight


Think of Me

Look up into the starry sky
Look up I may be flying by
Look out on a summer day
You may think I've gone away.
I understand what you whispered to me
I understand that you had to set me free
You were here for me when I went away
Now I am here for you in every way
I heard you in the night when you cried
I know of the times you wanted to die
I'm the tears on your pillow
I'm the brightest star in the sky
I'm the wishes in your dreams
There is no need to wonder why
Think of all the love we shared
I know just how much you cared
Daddy think of me once in a while
Daddy think of me now and smile
Daddy think of me now and smile

(c) CareWolf aka Nashoba Ahalaia (Carol)
Her was hand guided by Pooky

A Happy Ending

Could we give our babies happy endings?
Whether furry kind or human?
Could we shelter them from pain?
Could we ? Should we ?
Is that even a question-NO
We would give them all
the sun-the moon -the stars
happy dreams and loving hearts
gold -silver-jewels
we give all willingly to our little darlings
even if that means we go without
For they are the light in our eyes
And they are our future
Our hearts our souls will go on
because of their great unconditional love
I pray we are able to give HAPPY ENDINGS
For the loves of our lives
Could we ? should we ?
YES we do our best
to give happy endings
and they lived happily ever after-

This was inspired by Britwolf,aka Pankanli
and loving Great-Granddaughter of LoboWolf
(c)CareWolf aka Nashabo Ahalaia

Search For Peace

With the morn's first ray of sun
It's time to fly - my little one
You may hear the ones who cry
This time don't stop to ponder why
I see you now up in the sky
Your trail of clouds as you fly high
Your wings are colored with every hue
Feathers spread wide show iridescent blue
Search for peace and search for love
Keep flying high my little dove

With style and grace upwards you soar
While here we question could we do more?
Look back to earth -it's a tiny ball
You must find the winds of love and peace
For only then will our heart-ache cease

(c)CareWolf aka Nashoba Ahalaia (Carol)

Le Loup The Alpha

You started a group
Named it the Wolf PackThe qualifications were easy
A caring heart-
Your wolves were there to offer hope
For all those who were grieving.
One day you heard it from the wind
Some Wolves had gone astray.
As you watched the chasm grow
You gave to them your heart
They used daggers to stab
You gave to them your soul
They used daggers to jab
Could you have given more?
No!You gave all you had to give.
You trusted them to stand by you.
Not to try to knock you down
Now you must ignore them
Show them that you are the Alpha
Tell them that Pooky guardian of the night
Watches over his Daddy Lobo and
Keeps him safe till morning's light
Hurt him and it's you who will feel the pain.


The Gift Of Love

We have been given the gift
The gift of a special love -
And unconditional devotion
it comes to us from above
but with it comes responsibility
Give them food-give them care
In sickness and health
Love we promise to share
You know these words
Till death us do part
One day that time comes
and to our gift we must impart
Release from sorrow -release from pain
this is how it must be
We made the promise
and now we must set them free
Though we hurt deep inside
Cry oceans from our hearts
We tell them when we meet again
We will never again part.


Room Of Tears

I am here
I sit in sadness
I sit in fear
I wait for the next death

Knowing it is near
I wait--- I hope
Will death take a pause?
For answers I grope

The pauses death takes
Are few and far between
Leaving me to grieve
For those no longer seen

"Today I lost my baby."
Someone will cry
"How can I help you?"
I will reply

But deep inside
Where only I can go
I miss my own babies
Does anyone know?

Im so sorry.I tell them
Tears for each- one by one
Broken hearts need mending
For them to see the sun

I pray for the babies
Up in the sky
I count their numbers
And I wonder why?


Midnight Veil

I stand beside you and see you weep
And I feel the love we will always keep
But you don't see me standing here
But we promised to stay always near

I may have walked ahead, round the bend
But please believe that this isn't the end
For love such as ours can never fade away
But grow ever stronger forever and one day

And you weep for what seems the end of our tale
As I stand here behind a thin Midnight Veil
You weep for I am gone to a place you cannot see
As you gaze upon a point where nothing seems to be

But I will never leave you, our love is far to true
I guard your path every step with my love for you
And though you cannot see me I watch your every day
Though you cannot hear me I hear every word you say

And when at last we're together again
At the Bridge that is at the Rainbow's end
Then our hearts rejoice as each other we see
And we start our journey through eternity

(c)candace aka GhattenWolf

Let Me

I stand here my friend feeling the pain in your soul
If only I could turn back time - if only I had known
I can offer only my love, my heart, and a shoulder
I know and share the pain of feeling suddenly alone

Know that I will stand here, to be here at your side
If you need an arm to lean on or need a hand to hold
If you need me I will act as your anchor in the storm
If you need me to I will be your shelter from the cold

I ask you to let me be there and offer you my strength
But most of all I ask of you to let me be your friend
Someone to be there for you and to share your thoughts
And always and a day be one on who you can depend

(c)candace aka GhattenWolf

I Thank You

I thank you for the living years
Days filled with fun and love
When I walked this earth by your side
Before I was called above.

No longer a silly ball of baby fuzz
No longer a proud brave youth
No longer a strong and noble friend
What's left is just me, just my truth

For I have changed so many times
Yet somehow you've always loved me
Without seeing that what you really loved
Was inside of me not what you should see

I am now free from imprisonment
I am no longer shackled by pain
Please do not feel that I am gone
For we will see each other again

But you worry that the details may dim
That one day you'll forget my face
Like your clothes, my face has changed many times
What you loved is my inner grace

As time stole my beauty and strength
And dimmed my hearing and sight
Our love was not dimmed in the least
And you became my beauty and light

Should you now see the sweet innocent face of a child
Or the strong and brave face of fiery youth
Or the steadfast face of a trusted friend
Or the grizzled face old with the truth

Now that I do not reside in this plane
Don't worry if my earthly guise you can't see
Remember my inner spirit and light
The me that your heart always could see.

(c)candace aka GhattenWolf

Silver Tears

So small and alone in an inhospitable world
Struggling through each day just to stay alive
As people rush by if they notice them at all
Remark and wonder that they manage to survive

We rush through our live, no one has the time
To find a moment to reach out to them or care
Know that even though they seem to be alone
That there is one who for them is always there

So many eyes that see but don't see them
Hearts that don't take notice of their plight
In a world that seems to not notice them at all
There is always one who keeps them in his sight

As we rush through our lives passing them by
Too busy to find time for them in our busy lives
They are not alone, they are watched with love
There is one who keeps them always in his eyes

They suffer through short lives of want and fear
Then are seemingly un-remarked when theyve past
But know for them there are silver tears that fall
A tender heart waiting as he brings them home at last


Life's Plan

"Hey, what happened, how did I get here?
I finally got a home, a name, and a friend!
After all of the running, the fear, and the tears
my time all alone had come to an end."

"Dear little one, you have no need to fear,
Your journey was all so carefully planned,
God knew that your path was a hard one
He gave you to him to know love and a name"

"But I see his tears - it's not fair - I won't go.
He opened his home and his life and his heart!"
"He gave you love, healing, and peace little one,
Those precious gifts were to be his part."

"He allowed you to know that the world does hold good,
And to heal from the wrongs you had known in your life.
Now you job is to watch over his heart from here,
and offer comfort to him during hardship and strife."

But I could have done that and stayed there with him,
We could have been happy and took on the world,
We could have held to each other, so tight, so secure
We could have grown so as our love was unfurled.

"Dear little one, you have no need to fear,
your journey was all so carefully planned,
and your story together has only begun
the love that you share always will stand.

(c) Candace


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